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The Briggs - Is This What You Believe? - CD


Image of The Briggs - Is This What You Believe? - CD

This is The Briggs very 1st release!! A must have for any Briggs fan!

The record is a mixture of Punk/Oi!/Rock & Roll. 12 tracks that show a large diversity of sounds and topics. Real sing-along anthems and Fast Raw Punk without loosing the melody. Album influences: Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Ramones, Buzzcocks, Cock Sparrer, Rancid, Pogues, Op Ivy

1.Home Sweet Home
2.Filtered 3.Train of Thought
4.Giving Up
7.Devil's Playground
8.It Won't Take Long
10.One Step Behind
11.Indiana Jim Jones (and the People's Temple of Doom)
12.Far Away